ISO 9001     ISO 14001     IATF 16949     Quality Environmental Policy
Quality Policy: "Continue developing, quality improvement,
technology-oriented, service satisfaction"
Environmental policy: Cherish the natural environment, enterprise sustainable life


Li Min enterprise limited company was established in 1990, has been manufacturing PCB products for many years. In 2006, for further business expansion, we merged several business entities and established ARTPCB, meanwhile, manufacture single-sided, double-sided, multi-sided substrate and PCB business. We are able to product 42-sided substrates.

The product categories as following: RF communication, wafer examination, equipments, consumer electronics, computers, security systems, industrial electronics, ceramic substrates, alumina substrates, PTFE substrates, BT substrates, drill substrate, FR5 and software substrate products with PCB.

We currently are able to implement two thin wires through exposure systems or through exposure fluid to produce more delicate wires and solder masks. And, Drilling Department of ARTPCB was established in 1996. CUT & CNC Department was established in 2005 and joined PTH and Coarctation Department in 2006. In the future, the department will practice OSP and electroplating techniques to produce PCB samples, manufacturing and final products in a very short time. We will become a main company with fully manufacturing techniques.

Our suppliers are all famous over the world, we are manufacturing with high-energy exposure equipments, automatic exposure systems, automatic scrubbing machine, automatic drilling machine, automatic V-CUT machine, automatic CNC former machine, ultra sound rinse machine, O/S Tester, AOI, plotter machine, film processor, fly prober tester machine, beveling machine, automatic high performance etching machine and so on; for pursuing the highest quality, we built clean room class 10000 and purchased OLYMPUS microscope, 2-D examination equipments and so on. We cannot list all of them. But, we would like to welcome all predecessors for any further explanation.

We continue improving in manufacturing techniques and the quality of products with purchase on equipments and widely recruiting experts on manufacturing technologies to construct fundamental supervisors and CAM groups. Furthermore, we insist "Continue developing, quality improvement, technology-oriented, service satisfaction" as our goals to support our customers with the best energy at qualities, deliveries and prices and satisfaction etc. To addition, the organization is accredited by UL and acquired ISO-9001:2000 quality certificates, plus ISO-14001 & ISO/TS 16949 quality in Jun. 2008, at the mean time, we also acquired RoHS by UL. Our hope is to refine our manufacturing quality based on our customers' needs. Here, we thank all predecessors for being supportive and their care. ARTPCB will be pursuing perfectionism and distinction to accomplish all customers' missions. 

We welcome all predecessors coming to our plant with their professional experiences and disciplines for any improvements in technology.