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5 major industries 10 files popular search

5 major industries 10 files popular search

The continued confrontation between the Sino-US trade war and the new policy of US President Trump's tariffs have caused global stock markets to fluctuate in the third quarter of 2019! The Yahoo Chimo stock market app analyzes the Taiwan stock market target that is most concerned by netizens. According to the growth rate of Taiwan stocks, in the third quarter, from the top ten of the electronic stocks, the 5G concept stocks have become investment new scholars, and the response The popularity of "AirPods" has driven the surrounding supply chain to become a focus of attention.

In 2020, it will be adjusted to the global "5G first year". Countries will also announce the opening schedule of communication specifications, which will drive investors to pay attention to the successful 5G supply chain, as well as those who have the opportunity to participate in the 5G construction, and also make the world's top ten wafers and KYEC (2449), one of the integrated circuit packaging and testing plants, won the first place in the third quarter of the "Top Ten Explosives". In the past year, KYEC’s share price rose from a minimum of 16.9 yuan to 38.2 yuan, more than doubled.

Yaohua (2367), the PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturer ranked second in the red stock market, benefited from the global sales boom of Apple "AirPods", and Apple is expected to push new Bluetooth headsets in 2020, driving the main products to be soft and hard. Yaohua, which has a vehicle board, is highly regarded by investors.

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