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5G application is hot

5G application is hot

Taiwan is expected to become a major investment center for 5G-related Netcom mid-to-high-end carrier boards. Many PCB and carrier equipment vendors including Xunde, Qunyi, and AOI manufacturers Mude and Youtian are optimistic about the benefit-related investment applications and become a major growth driver this year.

As Taiwan already has a complete semiconductor industry settlement, with the development of next-generation mobile communication application technology, packaging, carrier and printed circuit board related processes that have extended in the semiconductor process have development advantages.

Xunde's deputy director and general manager Wang Nianqing said that this year's growth in investment in carrier board-related applications will drive operational performance. The second quarter will definitely improve compared to the first quarter, and strive for stable operation.

In response to related investment needs, Xunde aims to improve its operations this year. In addition to existing PCB customers, Xunde Taiwan Optoelectronics Division has also transformed its layout into the semiconductor industry and is responsible for packaging applications. As for the original semiconductor division, it was specifically responsible for wafer manufacturers.

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