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87 stalls turn profitable PCB group eye-catching

87 stalls turn profitable PCB group eye-catching

After the signing of the first phase of trade between China and the United States, it was originally thought that the future market was peaceful. How could the unexpected epidemic shake the global economic sector and drag down the performance of individual stocks, despite this, including 87 files such as Jiawei (3557) and Nandian (8046) Individual stocks are still staged in the Jedi counterattack drama, the first quarter of the operation turned from loss to profit, stunning everyone.

Taiwan’s first quarter financial report has been fully announced. Statistics show a loss in the same period last year, but this year it has staged a reversal of the stocks, including 87 files such as Aipu, Liji, Jingji, Nandian, Jiawei, Xinzhisheng and Lizhi. Individual stocks, if ranked by earnings per share, Jiawei, which transforms the household goods industry, ranks first with 3.86 yuan. After bidding farewell to the optoelectronics business in 2017, Jiawei actively merged with home appliances, kitchen utensils-related businesses and production companies. The transformation benefits this year have emerged, the first quarter The profit was as high as 279 million yuan, and the profit in a single quarter was for the whole year of last year.

Printed circuit board (PCB) factory Dingying ranked second with an earnings per share of 1.94 yuan, benefiting from a double harvest in the industry in the first quarter, after-tax surplus reached 544 million yuan, a difference of 583 million yuan from the same period last year. Including Dingying, the top four stocks with the highest profit margin last year and the first quarter of this year were all PCB manufacturers. The main reason was that the first quarter of last year was affected by the trade war between China and the United States. Fortunately, this year, under the theme of individual stocks, operating opportunities have emerged one after another.

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