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This article analyzes the four main PCB products and their future growth

This article analyzes the four main PCB products and their future growth

PCB products are diversified. From the perspective of output value distribution, flexible PCBs, multilayer boards, HDI, and IC carrier boards are the four types of products with the largest proportion.

Soft board

PCB made of flexible insulating materials such as polyimide or polyester film, which can be bent, rolled and folded, and can be moved and retracted in 3D in accordance with the internal space of electronic products, thereby achieving assembly and connection of electronic parts . FPC is widely used, and downstream terminal products mainly include high-end consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, PCs and wearable devices. With the continuous development of electronic products to light, thin, short, small, and multi-applications, the market share of FPC continues to rise. Among them, mobile phones account for about 33% of the FPC market. Benefiting from the development of 5G communications and the intelligentization of consumer electronics, the FPC market has the opportunity to further expand. In 2018, the global flexible board output value was US $ 12.395 billion, accounting for 20% of the global PCB output value. Prismark predicts that the global soft board output value will reach USD 14.23 billion in 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 2.8%.

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