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Break through the smart manufacturing barriers of printed circuit boards: SEMI standard PCBECI is indispensable

Break through the smart manufacturing barriers of printed circuit boards: SEMI standard PCBECI is indispensable

With the realization of industrial production automation, it is more necessary to rely on the information exchange between the control center (Host) and the equipment (EQP). The industry stated that smart manufacturing will be further implemented on the basis of automation, and the communication protocol of seamless connection of various equipment will play a role. A more important role, and the communication protocol is the key to the realization of equipment data transmission. If many equipment suppliers develop communication protocols or formats on their own, it will result in the difficulty of intercommunication between equipment of different brands.

In order to assist the PCB industry in accelerating the pace of automation and intelligence, SEMI has used more than 30 years of automation standard energy to automate the semiconductor industry and assisted Taiwan’s PCB industry through the SEMI standard. In 2015, reference was made to the semiconductor industry for many years. SECS/GEM is the communication base. After several expert meetings and discussions, it was simplified to the PCBECI (Printed Circuit Board Equipment Communication Interfaces) agreement that meets the needs of the PCB industry. It is used as a format for two-way communication between board manufacturers and equipment to improve the production efficiency of both parties. And reduce the cost of customized communication formats, breaking through the limitations of industrial intelligence.

In 2018, through a global technical vote, PCBECI, which was included in the SEMI official standard document in 2019, defines the methods and data formats for various information transmission of PCB equipment, and can achieve the compatibility of data transmission, so that the automation of PCB board factories can be standardized. Following this has also injected a powerful energy into the intelligent production of the PCB industry. Through this standard, the communication and interconnection between PCB equipment becomes easier, and it also lays a solid foundation for the subsequent introduction of big data analysis and artificial intelligence to realize smart manufacturing. The SEMI International (Japan and North America) Automation Technology Standards Committee also provides practical cases for the intelligentization of equipment, making PCBECI not only a local standard in Taiwan, but also an international standard widely recognized worldwide.

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