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Epidemic burns, Q1 of non-medium-capacity PCB plants is relatively stable

Epidemic burns, Q1 of non-medium-capacity PCB plants is relatively stable

Wuhan pneumonia has spread from Hubei, and many Taiwanese PCB manufacturers have capacity in China. In addition to the first wave of directly affected Hubei PCB factories, the resumption of work has been delayed, and the situation of China ’s closure has increased with the spread of the epidemic. , It is bound to directly impact the operating performance of Q1. Relatively speaking, although non-medium-capacity PCB manufacturers are inevitably affected by the reduction of goods pulling by Chinese customers, the short-term production and supply are less affected and less affected. Relatively stable in the first quarter.

100% MIT capacity is low in the first quarter

Compared with Taiwanese PCB industry owners who have factories in China, the general resumption of work in February has been extended to February 10, and even if employees still stay in the factory for production during the vacation time, my colleagues during the vacation time are 3 times Salary and the extended holiday period of the Spring Festival are also paid leave, so the personnel costs related to Chinese factories in the first quarter will be higher.

Relative to the 100% production capacity of PCB factories in Taiwan, the revenue of the first quarter was relatively less affected, and among them, there are still those who are still optimistic about the outlook for the first quarter, including Bozhi benefiting from the two major industrial computer and server The market is warming up, and the first quarter revenue will even be better than the previous quarter's performance. Hitech, which also has 100% of production capacity in Taiwan, will also start the morning shift on the fourth day. At present, it seems that the three major market product lines have rebounded The situation is better than last season.

In addition, a small number of diversified PCB manufacturers, Yi Sheng, said that traditionally January-February is the off-season, but at present it seems that the order is still optimistic. The impact of the environment must be there, including China's mastery of many key The production of components, but as long as the customer can pull the goods, the company's production is no problem.

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