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Panel pulls goods in the second half of the year, focusing on terminal demand

Panel pulls goods in the second half of the year, focusing on terminal demand

In March, due to the continued tight supply of panels under 65 inches (inclusive) and the rising price, AUO (2409), Innolux (3481) and other Taiwan-based panel makers were profitable.

The industry expects that since the downstream inventory has been demolished in the fourth quarter of last year, there is not much problem with pulling goods in the first quarter. Lili also has the opportunity to continue into the second quarter. It is still optimistic that the panel factory will turn into a profit in the second quarter. When to continue, terminal demand is a key indicator.

According to the panel quotation announced by TrendForce Optoelectronics Research (Witsview) on March 5, the price of TV panels of various sizes continues to rise. Compared with the previous quotation on February 20, the average price of 55-inch is 110 US dollars, an increase of 3 US dollars; 43-inch The average selling price is US $ 71, which is an increase of US $ 1; the average selling price of 32 inches comes to US $ 37, which is an increase of US $ 2.

The legal person pointed out that it was originally expected that after a wave of surge in February, the increase in March may be slower, but the situation is better than expected, especially the 55-inch increase of 3 US dollars, which is much more than expected, showing the relative imbalance of short-term supply and demand, allowing the increase There is a trend of slowly extending from small to medium size to large size, and the situation is developing in a positive direction. If there is no need for substantial repairs in the next quarter, the panel factory should be expected to turn into a profit.

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