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PCB big factory investment does not shrink, attack high-end products

PCB big factory investment does not shrink, attack high-end products

In 2019, despite the unfavourable factors such as international trade disputes, slowdown in global economic growth, and shrinking shipments of end products, printed circuit board factories have not fully shrunk their capital expenditure plans, and some manufacturers have even expanded their capital expenditures.

The Taiwan Circuit Board Association (TPCA) pointed out that if seven manufacturers that announced capital expenditures in Taiwan's top ten circuit board factories were observed, the total capital expenditure in 2018 would be about NT$37.5 billion, and the estimated capital expenditure amount in 2019. It is NT$36.3 billion, a reduction of only 3.2% and a scale of about 1.2 billion. This shows that although the major manufacturers are conservative in their overall outlook, they are not fully reflected in the planning of capital expenditures, and even some manufacturers have planned. In 2020, the amount of capital expenditure will be invested in a record high, and the circuit board industry will become more and more divisive.

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