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PCB, electronic foundries, epidemic prevention upgrade

PCB, electronic foundries, epidemic prevention upgrade

Nosocomial infection of new coronary pneumonia was reported in a hospital in Taoyuan. Taoyuan is a major production center for Taiwan's printed circuit board (PCB) and electronic foundry manufacturers. Various industries immediately increased the intensity of epidemic prevention, including Quanta (2382), Huatong, Xinxing, Index factories such as Tripod will issue instructions immediately, requiring the factories to strictly implement temperature measurement, wearing masks, layering, and batch management, and declining visitors to avoid infection caused by the flow of people.

Quanta's headquarters is located in Guishan, Taoyuan. The internal upgraded anti-epidemic control measures were originally ended yesterday (12). However, in conjunction with the Taoyuan City Government's enhanced anti-epidemic measures and continued extension, it will look at the development of the epidemic prevention command center before making the next decision.

The employees of Quanta Group’s affiliated companies were previously infected with the epidemic, and comprehensively upgraded the epidemic prevention measures, strictly implemented body temperature measurement and wearing masks; all spaces including staff restaurants, conference rooms, and fitness centers were closed; the buildings were divided into buildings, hierarchical control, and social groups suspended. Employees can only dine in their seats and are not allowed to chat; in addition, visitors are also declined. Related measures have been decided to extend.

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