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PCB factories attack 5G business opportunities

PCB factories attack 5G business opportunities

Printed circuit board (PCB) factories seized the business opportunities related to fifth-generation mobile communications (5G) applications, and their operations were rushing. Soft board Shuangxiong Taijun (6269) and Zhending-KY (4958) are fully mobilized in response to the traditional peak season production, and are optimistic that the fourth quarter operation will reach the annual operating peak; the NB board manufacturer of Walsin Lihwa Group 5469) China's 5G-related server and other related orders have also been scheduled to November.

According to industry observations, in addition to mobile phones, 5G-related application business opportunities have recently begun to show signs of recovery from server demand. Coupled with good demand for 5G-related laptops, these are key factors driving the operations of PCB factories.

Among them, the index factory FPC double heroes Zhending and Taiwan County are given priority to benefit. Taiwan County expects that the fourth quarter will still be the peak of the annual mass production of mobile phones. The company has steadily increased the proportion of non-mobile products and strengthened its product diversification. This will help Taiwan County respond to the laptops customers need in the post-epidemic era. (NB) and tablet demand.

Antenna-related products in Taiwan County accounted for approximately 13% to 15% of revenue last year. Driven by the demand for new 5G LCP antenna products, Taiwan County plans to increase the revenue share of antenna-related products this year, estimated to be between 20% and 30% .

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