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PCB factory expands production in Taiwan

PCB factory expands production in Taiwan

Printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers Xinxing, Jianding, and copper foil substrate (CCL) manufacturers, Taiwan Optoelectronics, responded to the development of the pneumonia epidemic in the mainland. Recently, the Taiwan plant has stepped up its production schedule to compensate for and support the capacity of some factories in China .

Taiwan Optoelectronics also mentioned yesterday (3) that there are no cases of infection detected by employees. The Huangshi plant is currently expected to resume work on February 14. The Taiwan plant has previously started construction, with a monthly production capacity of 500,000 pieces, which is much higher than The initial monthly production capacity of the Huangshi plant is 300,000 pieces, so it can make up for the demand.

According to the statistics of Taiwan Optoelectronics, the Huangshi plant began trial operation in the fourth quarter of last year. From October to December last year, the output value revenue accounted for only about 3.3% of the company's consolidated revenue.

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