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PCB materials rise again

PCB materials rise again

PCB upstream electronic fiberglass yarn and fiberglass cloth materials benefited from the traditional peak season demand, and it was reported that the quotation increased by more than 20%, reflecting the strong demand for 4.5G and 5G applications, the industry's booming cycle, and the three major factors of stocking before the Chinese New Year. Factors have led to a wave of economic recovery, and legal persons are optimistic. The operations of Taiwanese factories including Fuqiao (1815), Jianrong, and Dehong will follow the industry trend to heat up.

According to industry observations, due to the rapid recovery of market demand in mainland China, electronic-grade fiberglass cloth factories have successively increased their quotations by more than 20% since the third quarter of this year. Recently, with the continuous use of 5G and server application terminals, Taiwan Glass has taken the lead in electronics Grade fiberglass cloth has once again risen, which has also led to a wave of price increases in the industry.

According to the observations of major manufacturers, the PCB upstream electronic fiberglass cloth industry has a cycle of about two to three years. The previous high-end product quotations were about the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. At this stage, with the market demand boosting, the prosperity has returned to the past peak.

Compared with Jianrong, Dehong and other companies that do not produce their own electronic yarns, Fuqiao, a glass fiber factory, has complete production capacity in electronic grade yarns and cloths, and can better coordinate with the rapid increase of terminal diversified applications before the Lunar New Year.

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