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PCB small and medium-sized factories are fearful of bankruptcy

PCB small and medium-sized factories are fearful of bankruptcy

PCB upstream electronic fiberglass yarn and fiberglass cloth benefited from the traditional peak season demand and prosperity, and the price increase was heard for the first time in the past two years. Regarding the increase in materials, the industry has judged that the operation of large PCB factories will not be affected, but under the increased operating pressure of land-funded small and medium-sized manufacturers, if the turnover is not smooth, it may cause a wave of bankruptcy.

Analyzing the cost structure, after electronic grade yarn is processed into glass fiber cloth, it is mainly used for copper foil substrate (CCL). Depending on the thickness of the CCL, the cost of glass fiber cloth is different. On average, it accounts for about 2% of the total cost. In terms of flexible copper foil substrate (FCCL), the cost accounts for about 10%.

Since CCL accounts for about 30% of the cost of PCB, electronic grade gauze accounts for about 6% of the indirect cost of PCB production. For large PCB factories, it is relatively bearable and resistant to price increases of related materials. Higher, but for relatively small second and third-tier PCB factories, they may face pressure from rising operating costs.

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