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Qunyi Securities is optimistic this week on four major thematic stocks including PCB ethnic group

Qunyi Securities is optimistic this week on four major thematic stocks including PCB ethnic group

Taiwan stocks have accumulated a total of 134 trading days since the opening of the market at the beginning of this year, with a total market turnover of 2.4 trillion,298.144 billion yuan, an average daily market value of 181.329 billion yuan, and a stock turnover rate of 57.45%. Qunyi Securities sees the index range of 12,000-12,500 points this week, and is optimistic about the four major thematic stocks this week, including: PCB group, WFH concept stocks, semiconductor material equipment stocks, bicycle stocks, etc.

Qunyi Securities' analysis pointed out that there are four domestic and foreign bullish factors recently:

1. Last week, the weighted index increased with the buying power of foreign investors. Investment credit continued to follow the price momentum. Funds returned to electronic stocks such as TSMC and MediaTek. Driven by the capital market, the multi-band trend in the mid-market remained unchanged.

2. Taiwan’s export orders in June increased by 6.5% annually, a record high over the same period in the previous year. Due to the epidemic, WFH has boosted strong demand for NB, Netcom, graphics cards and servers. In addition, HPC and 5G communications are growing under the trend of foundry. , IC design, optics, and printed circuit board orders maintained toughness, and export orders maintained a growth trend for 4 consecutive months.

3. Taiwan’s industrial production index grew by 7.34% annually in June. The rise of long-distance business opportunities led to an annual increase of 19.4% in computers, electronic products and optical products, and an annual increase of 23.8% in electronic components, which was a new monthly high in the past year and the index for 5 consecutive months. expansion.

4. The European Union has approved an economic recovery fund of 750 billion euros, of which 360 billion euros will be used to assist countries with more severe epidemics, and 390 billion euros in subsidies will be allocated to provide national loan guarantees for the impact of the epidemic on the economy. In addition, the White House is striving to launch a $1 trillion bailout plan at the end of July to alleviate the negative economic impact of the epidemic once again rising.

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