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Semiconductor Materials focuses on 18 index factories

Semiconductor Materials focuses on 18 index factories

In the foundry sector, although SMIC and Hua Hong Group use the 40-nanometer process as their main operating force, SMIC has already captured the 14-nanometer process, and Hua Hong Group has the opportunity to further increase the 14-nanometer process in 2021. The two major factories are continuing to move toward advanced manufacturing processes. Equipment manufacturers such as North China Innovation, Shengmei Semiconductor, and Shanghai Microelectronics have already met the needs of 28nm process requirements, and some products have also entered the international supply chain.

Compared with packaging and testing, manufacturing and equipment, China's local material supply chain is still in its infancy. As China continues to strengthen its semiconductor manufacturing supply chain, semiconductor manufacturing materials dominated by major international manufacturers are even more important.

There are seven main categories of semiconductor manufacturing materials, namely silicon wafers, photoresist and related materials, photomasks, electronic gases, CMP, wet chemicals and targets. Looking at the global semiconductor materials market in 2019, silicon crystals Circles accounted for 38% in the first place. The photoresist, related materials, and masks required for the lithography process accounted for 25% in total, and the remaining materials accounted for 2-13%.

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