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Taiwan Circuit Board Association and Longhua University of Science and Technology to cultivate PCB specialists

Taiwan Circuit Board Association and Longhua University of Science and Technology to cultivate PCB specialists

Longhua University of Science and Technology is an industry elite training demonstration base of the Ministry of Education. It has the only 3D digital circuit board design and smart manufacturing production line factory in colleges and universities in the country. It is in line with the industry and provides a practical field for student production line practice; in view of printing The overall human demand for the circuit board (PCB) industry is eager, and the Taiwan Circuit Board Association (TPCA) cooperates with Longhua University of Science and Technology to jointly establish a PCB professional practical class in the 109 academic year. The course covers circuit board related foundation and industrial development, combining process practice Operation, implement the concept of doing in school and doing middle school, and at the same time, assist students to obtain the iPAS circuit board process engineer ability appraisal, thereby enhancing the students' industry knowledge innovation and application ability, and accelerating the cultivation of circuit board professional technical talents.

The PCB industry is an important basic industry in the domestic electronics industry. Taiwan’s PCB industry chain (PCB manufacturing, equipment and materials) has a total annual output value of nearly NTD trillion in China and overseas. Due to the fierce international trade war between China and the United States in recent years, the new crown The impact of the pneumonia epidemic, in order to prevent the impact of transfer orders and tax increases, and at the same time to cooperate with the government's new southbound policy to accelerate the southward layout, Taiwan's PCB industry has shifted some of its production capacity back to Taiwan, which also makes the overall demand for the domestic PCB industry's human resources increasingly ardent.

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