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Taiwan's printed circuit board industry has grown

Taiwan's printed circuit board industry has grown

Taiwanese stocks will stage amazing dramas every year. The lack of material in the first half of 2018 has created a passion for passive components, silicon wafers and rectifier diodes. The most representative is Wang Guoju, a passive component stock. The stock price soared to 1310 yuan. The former wife of Chairman of the National Giant Chen Taiming sold the shares of Guoju for more than 1,000 yuan, which was surprising. The other is the global wafer of silicon wafers, from sixty-three. Binary skyrocketing to six four four yuan, also made chairman Xu Xiulan become the queen of silicon wafers.

The out-of-stock storm continued from May 2017 to May 18, and the subject matter has been fermenting for a whole year. Under the storm of shortage of materials, the share price of the entire passive component industry has increased several times, like Huaxinke. To four nine one. Five yuan, Qi Li, a subsidiary of Yageo, rose to 208 yuan, He Shentang rose to 301 yuan, and Lilong Power also rose to 88. At seven yuan, Camry, who merged with the silk man, also rose to ninety-seven. Ternary.

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