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The monthly revenue of passive components, PCBs, and panels perform best in July

The monthly revenue of passive components, PCBs, and panels perform best in July

The July revenue announcement of listed companies is due tonight. According to statistics, based on the monthly growth rate, the top three groups with the best performance are passive components, printed circuit boards, and panels, respectively 18.7% and 6.6% , 4.4%.

The revenue performance of listed companies in the first month of the second half of the year is revealed. Despite the impact of the new crown epidemic, the performance of technology manufacturers is still relatively bright. Among them, passive components, printed circuit boards, and panels are all component products, entering the traditional peak season In the first month of the year, some manufacturers performed even better than in the past.

The passive component group has an annual revenue growth rate of 18.7% last month, ranking first among the group. National giants (2327) and Huaxinke reported good news in July revenue.

Yageo’s acquisition of KEMET, a U.S. firm, gained momentum and its monthly revenue increased by 54.4% to 7.01 billion yuan, a 22-month high. At the same time, it actively improved its product portfolio and maintained its profit growth momentum. Huaxin Technology increased 6.2% monthly to 3.36 billion yuan, a 20-month high.

Yageo's revenue in July increased significantly, mainly because Kemei has been fully integrated into the consolidated financial report, and the resumption of work and capacity utilization in the Chinese mainland plant have gradually improved, and customer order demand has been stable. Yageo's consolidated revenue in July increased by 1.07 times; the revenue in the first seven months was 30.496 billion yuan, an annual increase of 25.2%.

Huaxinke benefited from the need for home-based epidemic prevention to drive 5G deployment and cloud equipment, which pushed up July revenue to 3.36 billion yuan, a monthly increase of 6.2% and an annual increase of 39.3%. Recently, the 4G market has recovered, coupled with the start of 5G, WiFi 6, and other markets, the demand for LTCC components has greatly increased. Huaxinke’s LTCC production capacity is approaching full capacity and still in short supply. It has issued a notice to customers that it will extend the delivery time of LTCC products, depending on the size. , The longest is 20 weeks, and the fastest is 12 weeks.

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