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Process Capability

Process Capability:                                                                              Business Items:



number of stratus

1-80 Layer

substrate / PP

Maximum board thickness

314.96mil (8.00mm)

Minimum board thickness (4-substrate)

11.8 mil (0.3mm)

Minimum board thickness (2-substrate)

6mil (0.15mm)

Minimum board thickness

2 mil (0.05mm)不含銅

Maximum Size


Minimum PP thickness

2.3mil (0.051mm)

Copper thickness

Maximum inner layer copper thickness

4.0 oz

Minimum inner layer copper thickness

0.3 oz

Maximum outer layer copper thickness

7.0 oz

Minimum outer layer copper thickness

0.3 oz

Through hole trace stack up

Minimum drill size

8 mil (0.2mm)

Minimum laser drill size

3 mil (0.076mm)

Maximum width


wiring layout

Line width / spacing in outer layer

2.5/2.5 mil

Line width / spacing in inner layer

2.5/2.5 mil

Pitch limited SMT spacing

6mil (0.15 mm)

Pitch limited BGA spacing

4 mil (0.1 mm)

Soldering and surface handling

Limited solder mask print width

3 mil (0.075 mm)

Solder positioning and accuracy control

± 2 mil


Impedance control

Ω ± 5%

Layer registration tolerance control

± 4 mil (0.1 mm)

Board thickness tolerance control

± 5%

   1. Single-sided substrate   

   2. Double-sided substrate   

   3. Multi-sided substrate   

   4. HDI   

   5. Soft and hard bonding board 

   6. Hybrid PCB    

   7. Soft substrate    

   8. Alumina substrate(Metal Substrate)     

   9. Ceramic Substrate    

   10. Glass substrate for high frequency       

   11. PTFE substrate     

   12. BT substrate  

   13. FR-5  

   14. FR-4     

   15. CAM-3    

   16. CAM-1    

   17. V0   

   18. Bakelite substrate